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Illinois Real Estate Broker Chih-Hao Yang


RENE - Certified Real Estate Negotiation Expert


Whether you’re looking to invest in a new property, need help selling or renting your current home, managing your house, or just renting an apartment, I’m happy to work with you in achieving your goals. With years of experience working as a licensed Real Estate Broker, I’m a seasoned and dedicated professional who is ready to cater to all your real estate needs.



Professional Expert With Years of Experience


Chih-Hao Yang is a bilingual, Mandarin and English, broker who specializes in Illinois Real Estate rentals and sales. He has been living in Illinois since 2003 and has witnessed the continuous growth of the city and has keen insight on what renters or buyers need to know. He is an active realtor with Prospect Equities Real Estate. 


Chih-Hao has background in Business, Advertising and Chemistry from school. He has experience in real estate as an EB-5 immigration investment specialist with USCIS since 2011. He has worked with investors and buyers from the states as well as overseas. He focuses on delivering the most professional and positive experiences for his clients by offering reliable and customer-focused services. He is constantly looking for ways to better himself in class, with mentors and researching about subjects related to his profession. 

Chih-Hao has closed hundreds of deals, and received 5 stars reviews from his clients. He helps clients purchase their dream homes and sell their investments. Besides sales, Chih-Hao also helps international students look for rental apartments throughout the city of Chicago. He is known for being ethical and able to handle difficult tasks. He has received tremendous amount of positive feedback from his clients in his rental and sales services. 


With Chih-Hao’s professional experiences,  do not hesitate to send him any questions. Your dream home is just a call away. 

楊志豪先生(Chih-Hao Yang) - Prospect Equities (PE地產)專業房地產經紀人。專精於伊利諾州的房地產投資買賣, 學生白領租房,房地產管理和代理。


楊志豪聆聽每一位客人的需求,正確的判斷協助客人投資與買房,回答各類房地產問題,利潤和價值提升也都是很重要的考量關鍵。除了買賣房,楊志豪也提供芝加哥租房的服務,只要你告訴他1.入住日 2.預算 3.入住地點,他能在最短的時間內找到性價比最好的房源。


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500 N Michigan Ave, Suite 1802,
Chicago, IL 60611


WeChat: chihhaodavid

Testimonial from Harlem Lu

I struggled for a while whether to find an apartment through a broker, and then it happened that I met Chih-hao through a friend in a bar. He helped me to find the apartment that is exactly what I want within my budget in just one day! 

Chih-Hao is passionate and great at what he does. Not only is he responsive, efficient, and professional, but he is also an all-around great guy. He is probably the most friendly and down to earth people I know. You may get a lot of tips of living in Chicago if you are new here just like me. Don't just take my word for it. Do yourself a favor and get yourself an appointment with Chih-Hao. I guarantee that he will knock it out and you will leave wondering why you considered going somewhere else or doing it by yourself


500 N Michigan Ave, Suite 1802,
Chicago, IL 60611

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